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 Pastor Milton Shelby
Pastor Milton Shelby was born and raised on the south side of Chicago.  In 1973 he began to attend services and classes at Spiritual Temple of Truth Non-Denominational Church where he developed a strong personal relationship with the Lord.  Because of his hunger and thirst for the Word of God his oratorical skills, his ability to explain God’s Word, and his ability to demonstrate universal principals, he was often asked to teach a class or bring a message during Sunday Service.  Hungry and thirsty for more of God’s Word and an even stronger relationship with Him, Pastor Shelby went on to further his spiritual education by attending The Chicago Baptist Institute, The Johnnie Coleman Institute of Higher Learning and Unity Church of Evanston. In 1981 God called Pastor Shelby into the ministry.  With his mother by  
his side, Pastor  Shelby was ordained on Mother’s Day May 10, 1981 by Bishop Harold Dade and ( Pastor Shelby’s now spiritual mother) Rev. Dr. Jean Dade-Batchie of The Temple of Spiritual Truth Church.  On September 10,1990 Jesus Christ and his chosen under-sheperd Pastor Milton Shelby established The Church of Living Faith.  With over 30 years in the ministry and more than 20 years pastoring, Pastor Shelby has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2009-2010 Stanford Black Book of Who’s Who Achievement and Recognition Award, he was recently inducted into the Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Hall of Fame, and he was the Honoree and recipient of their 2010 Community award for his outstanding leadership and contribution to the improvement of his community.  Pastor Shelby is very well known among the community leaders in the Chicago area. Pastor Shelby’s message is simple, it makes no difference what your conditions are in life today, if you have Faith in God, Align your Thinking, your Feelings, Speaking and your Actions with the Word of God, there is nothing that you and God together cannot handle. Come and join us for a wonderful spiritual experience at the Church of Living Faith each Sunday and bring your family and friends with you.
1853 E. 79th Street Chicago, IL 60649 Phone:  (773) 374-5523
From The Pastor’s Desk The Spiritual Falculty For The Month of June is:                           “IMAGINATION”
God Bless You Rev. Milton Shelby
One of the most powerful spiritual tools (faculties) that our Heavenly Father has given us is that of our imagination. When we were children our imagination was vivid and colorful. As children, we filled our imagination with all kinds of positive, wonderful images. We saw ourselves as becoming doctors and lawyers, firemen and policemen. We were going to be CEO’s, entrepreneurs and millionaires. We were going to buy our mothers new houses and our fathers new cars. The skies were the limit. We could do anything and nothing was impossible unto us. What we didn’t realize was that whatever images we hold in our mind (imagination) is what we become in life. So, as we grew older we began to allow society, social media, television, radio, schools, family and friends to change the image that we had of ourselves. When the ten (10) spies Moses sent into the promise land returned, eight (8) gave a very bad report. They said they saw themselves as grasshoppers and so did the giants of the land see them as they saw themselves. The eight (8) were so convincing that the children of Israel (about 2 ½ million) saw themselves weak as grasshoppers, so instead of them entering the Promise (Promise Land) of God they wondered in the wilderness for f orty (40) years, they never made it in, they never experienced the Promise that God had for them. But two (2) Joshua and Caleb saw themselves as being strong and quite capable of  defeating the giants, and being victorious in battle. They saw themselves having God on their side being quite capable of taking the Promise Land by storm. With God on their side thy  knew they could do anything but fail. God has made us in His image after His Likeness. God never wants us to see ourselves as weak or defenseless in life. But we are to See ourselves as being Strong and of Good Courage. We must See ourselves being Successful before we can experience Success in life. So, start today Seeing yourself being Healthy, Wealthy and Successful in life. See your life changing for the better, See yourself living your dream. See God opening the Windows of Heaven and pouring you out a Blessing that you won’t have room enough to receive it. If you can See it, if you can believe it, then you can achieve it.  Never forget that the things which are impossible with man are possible with God.   So, become a possibility thinker, step out on Faith, See yourself enjoying this life that our Heavenly Father has given you                            “WATCH YOUR BLESSINGS FLOW”