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 Pastor Milton Shelby
Reverend Milton Shelby was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. In 1973 he began to attend services and classes at Spirial Temple of Truth a Non-Denominational Church where he developed a strong personal relationship with the Lord. Because of his hunger and thirst for the Word of God, his oratorical skills, his ability to explain God’s Word, and his ability to demonstrate the Divine Universal Principals for Better Living, he was often asked to teach a class or bring a message during Sunday Service. Hungry and thirsty for more of God’s Word and an even stronger relationship with Him. Reverend Shelby went on to further his spiritual education by attending The Chicago Baptist Institute, The Johnnie Coleman Institute of Higher Learning and Unity Church of Evanston.
In 1980 God called Reverend Shelby into the ministry. With his mother by his side, Reverend Shelby was ordained on Mother’s Day May 10, 1980 by Bishop Harold Dade and (Reverend Shelby’s now Spiritual Mother) Rev. Dr. Jean Dade-Batchie of The Temple of Spiritual Truth Church. On September 10,1981, Jesus Christ and his chosen Under-Shepard Reverend Milton L Shelby established The Church of Living Faith.  With over 30 years in ministry, Pastor Shelby has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Stanford Black Book of Who’s Who Achievement and Recognition Award, he was inducted into the Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Hall of Fame, and he was the Honoree and recipient of their Community Award for his outstanding leadership and contribution to the improvement of his community. Reverend Shelby is very well known among the community leaders in the Chicago area. Reverend Shelby’s message is simple, it makes no difference what your conditions are in life today, if you have Faith in God, Align your Thinking, your Feelings, Speaking and your Actions with the Word of God, there is nothing that you and God together cannot achieve. Come and join us for a wonderful spiritual experience at the Church of Living Faith each Sunday and bring family and friends with you.
1853 E. 79th Street Chicago, IL 60649 Phone:  (773) 374-5523
From The Pastor’s Desk The Spiritual Falculty For The Month of July is:                     “UNDERSTANDING”
God Bless You Rev. Milton Shelby
The bible tells us; in Proverbs 4:7, Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting get an understanding. One of the reason’s that the world is going through such turmoil today is because of our lack of understanding of the instructions given to us as found in the Holy Scriptures. We are Spiritual Beings created in the image and after the likeness of our Heavenly Father/Mother God, the Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent almighty I AM THAT I AM. Most of us are so driven by our desires to get, get, get that we spend all our time getting things like, cars, houses, clothes, money, titles relationships, children, fame, fortunes and notoriety, that we forget to get an understanding. That understanding that God wants us to get is of Ourselves. He wants us to understand that we need not seek these things first, but to seek understand the Kingdom Within First. To get an understanding of who we are and how we are wonderfully made and that within us is everything that we will ever need; Peace, Power, Strength, Love, Joy, Dominion, Authority and much more. When we began to understand this the Universe will then add all these things to our lives with no stress or strain. So, Let this Mind Be In You that was also in Christ Jesus; (Philippians 2:5)                         “WATCH YOUR BLESSINGS FLOW”