THE CHURCH OF LIVING FAITH                  Pastor Milton Shelby - Pastor & Teacher
OUR VISION FOR THE CHURCH OF LIVING FAITH We are, Inspiring Millions to, “Live In Faith and Trust In God” Our Mission We are a Multi-Cultural, New Thought Church, transforming lives through the teachings of Divine Universal Principles of Truth.    Our Purpose To Reach God’s Children’s, To Teach God’s Word, Grow in Spiritual Consciousness, and share it with the world. Our Identity Statement We are about the business of “Building Kingdom Consciousness”
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                                                                           The History of the Church of Living Faith The Church of Living Faith was established by Jesus Christ and his Under -Shepherd Reverend, Milton L Shelby. The first service was held September 10, 1989 at Eddy’s Banquet Hall located 6400 South King Drive, Chicago, Illinois.  We stayed there for several months and then moved into the home of one of our members where we stayed for several months before moving into our present location of 1853 East 79th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60649.  In 1990, the Church of Living Faith was incorporated and soon afterward given their 501 C (3) status as a non-profit religious organization. Having gone from one service on Sundays, we now have a number of ministries, services and classes being offered, such as New Thought Christian, Alternative, Metaphysical Bible Study, Deacons in training, Women’s Awareness, as well as services for our youth. There is the Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Music Ministry, Outreach Ministry and the Media Ministry. Down through the years the Church of Living Faith has held many clothing drives, food drives, financial seminars, classes, workshops and job fairs with such entities as Fifth Third Bank and Career Pathway which is sponsored by the University of Chicago. With an eye toward the future, The Church of Living Faith is working in the community to empower our residents to become self sufficient through the teachings and application of Divine Universal Principles that are found in the Holy Scriptures.  With these principles they will be shown how to open business, manage their finances, strengthen their marriages, families and communities at large. With the help of God many of Gods people will be helped to live a great and wonderful life. Using the story of Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery as an example of these teachings, we say, “You may live in an environment of slavery, but you do not have to be a slave to your environment.”
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